The Ventura Surf Club exists to preserve, promote and perpetuate the values, beliefs and essence of surfing

About the Ventura Surf Club

Surfing is not just a life style, it's a state of mind

Following in the footsteps of its founders, the Ventura Surf Club is dedicated to preserving the rich surfing culture and its history here in Ventura.  The Ventura Surf Club is the oldest established continuing Surf Club in Ventura County.  The city of Ventura is one of the few true remaining beach towns in Southern California.  Our club works with other local organizations and non-profits in a sustainable approach to maintain and protect our oceans and beaches for all to enjoy.  We also work hard to raise money through special events including contests for local schools and charities within the greater Ventura area.   “Share the stoke, Share the Aloha"

Video of the month

Kelly Slater, Sick.  Campaign 2

Upcoming Ventura Surf Club events

01/14/2020, 6:30PM, Club meeting @ the "Tavern" in Ventura

02/01/2020, Annual Luau and Membership Drive (details coming)

02/11/2020, 6:30PM, Club meeting @ the "Tavern" in Ventura

03/10/2020, 6:30PM, Club meeting @ the "Tavern" in Ventura

04/14/2020, 6:30PM, Club meeting @ the "Tavern" in Ventura

05/12/2020, 6:30PM, Club meeting @ the "Tavern" in Ventura

06/09/2020, 6:30PM, Club meeting @ the "Tavern" in Ventura

07/14/2020, 6:30PM, Club meeting @ the "Tavern" in Ventura

08/11/2020, 6:30PM, Club meeting @ the "Tavern" in Ventura

09/08/2020, 6:30PM, Club meeting @ the "Tavern" in Ventura

09/TBD/2020, Annual California Street Classic (details coming)

10/13/2020, 6:30PM, Club meeting @ the "Tavern" in Ventura

11/10/2020, 6:30PM, Club meeting @ the "Tavern" in Ventura

Local  Ventura area events

08/23-08/25 2019, Corn Hole Throw Down

09/07-09/08 2019,  Ventura Art & Street Paint Festival


Upcoming Coalition Surf Events

Ventura Surf Club Coalition Coordinator: 

Jimmy Gray (805) 844-8898


Official Coalition of Surfing Clubs Web Site

- 2019 Coalition Event Schedule -

02/15/2020, The Big, Bad and Ugly

04/18-19/2020, Gathering of the Tribes

04/25-26/2020, Logjam

05/23-24/2020, Memorial Day Classic

08/01-02/2020, Oceanside Contest and
Beach Festival

09/TBD/2020, MSA Classic

10/TBD/2020, Annual Tourmaline Club Challenge

11/TBD/2020, Windansea Surf Club

Todo Bien™ International Surf Co.

Helping to better the lives of deaf children in Baja California, Mexico.

Ventura  Surf  Club "Photo of the month"

Ventura Surf Club, at C St Cove 1999.  Thank you Michelle Wolfe 


Men's 2019 championship tour

2019 Champion

Italo Ferreira

1st:   Italo Ferreira, BRZ                           59740 2nd   Gabriel Medina, BRZ                       56475

3rd:   Jordy Smith,  AUS                            49985

4th:   Filipe Toledo, BRZ                           49145

5th:   Kolohe Andino,  USA                      44665

Men's 2019 BIG Wave tour

Upcoming event

Nazare Challenge, Nov 01-Mar 31

1st:   Grant Baker,  SAFR                         16305

2nd:  Billy Kemper, HI                               13345

3rd:   Kai Lenny,  HI                                    12543

3rd:   Lucas Chianca,  BRZ                       12543

5th:   Natxo Gonzalez,  BAS                      8596

Women's 2019 championship tour

2019 Champion

Carissa Moore

1st:   Carissa Moore, HI                            59940

2nd:  Caroline Marks, USA                       55545

3rd:   Lakey Peterson, USA                       55125

4th:   Stephanie Gilmore, AUS                49810  

5th:   Sally Fitzgibbons,  AUS                  48950

Women's 2019 BIG Wave tour

Upcoming event

Jaws Challenge Pe'ahi, Nov 01-Mar 31

1st:   Keala Kennelly,  HI                          12100

2nd:  Andrea Moller,  BRZ                       10083

3rd:   Emily Erickson,  HI                            8402

4th:   Paige Alms,  HI                                  7002

5th:   Justine Dupont,  FRN                      5836


The Ventura Surf Club Family is a collection of like-minded people spanning all ages and skill levels with the same love for surfing, preserving our ocean, having fun and just hanging out together.

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"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun".

Duke  Kahananmoku

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